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William Gheen of ALI-PAC: POTUS is a “Radical Muslim Supporting A**HOLE”

Imagine 2050 Staff • Jan 28, 2013

Meme taken from William Gheen’s Pinterest page

**Warning: language deemed offensive by some is displayed in this blog’s graphic.

William Gheen, President of ALI-PAC, is posting some interesting insights over on his Pintrest page. A number of weeks ago, Gheen “originally pinned,” as the site’s terminology goes, the meme pictured (right).

And so, yet again, we see Mr. Gheen more than happy to indulge myths and/or conspiracy theories. Furthermore, this is simply more of Gheen perpetuating sad and potentially dangerous sentiments rooted in nativist, anti-immigrant strains of bigotry.

In fact, just yesterday, Gheen billowed forth one of his patented gas-clouds of such rhetoric.

Callously using International Holocaust Remembrance Day as both his backdrop and grounding-justification, Gheen openly declared that undocumented immigrants are guilty of the “ethnic cleansing of blacks” via the gang violence that, also according to Gheen, is an inevitable consequence of “the deadly and costly illegal alien invasion of America or Obama’s amnesty plans which will take this violence nation  wide [sic] if it passes.”

One wonders if the occasion could be arranged for Gheen, would he from a dais and microphone positioned before a room full of survivors of the Nazi-Germany Holocaust and the Cambodian and Rwandan genocides truly and sincerely offer such analogies in order to turn said survivors towards the cause of the broader anti-immigrant movement?

Perhaps he might, if his infamous appearance on the Alex Jones Show (of “Deport Piers Morgan” and infamy) is anything to judge his investments in conspiracy- and bigotry-laden language by. Here’s Gheen screaming back-and-forth with Jones about “Illegal Aliens & The Homosexual Guild in D.C.”

In further truths, Gheen largely leans on funding from a long-time leader of an official “state-contact group” of the nationally focused Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the flagship organization of the contemporary, long-established anti-immigrant movement. The following is from an Imagine2050 blog titled, “ALIPAC barely squeaks by on money from founder of FAIR state contact group”:

“ALIPAC has received regular $5,000 injections from the founder of the Oregon state contact for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) for the past five years. The founder of Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR), Elizabeth Van Staaveren, has given at least $34,700 to ALIPAC since the organization’s founding in 2004. I wonder how OFIR’s peer organization in North Carolina, FAIR state contact NC Listen, feels about being passed over.”

Perhaps minus his incendiary, foul analogies and talk of the “Homosexual Guild” in the Beltway, he might find donations a bit easier to come by. Perhaps not.

Regardless, Gheen’s claims of “ethnic cleansing,” and that President Obama-the Commander-and-Chief at the time of Bin Laden’s killing-supports “radical Muslim[s]” should be recognized for what they are-woefully ridiculous.

Beyond such recognitions, Gheen’s latter claim is but a cheap-alluding towards the web of suspicious queries surrounding Obama’s true religious faith, his involvement with or subservience to foreign theocracies, his family’s history with the religion of Islam, his birth certificate, etc that are authored by the scribes and mouthpieces populating the rhetoric mill of the world of far-Right extremism-of which Gheen is unquestionably a tawdry member.

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