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“UK Fascism”: Geller & Spencer Reaffirm Dedication to Violent Extremists with Upcoming UK Trip

Aaron Patrick Flanagan • Jun 20, 2013

Yesterday, 6/17, the English Defence League (EDL), a far-Right populist movement in the UK comprised of football hooligans and other convicted criminals, announced that the group would be sponsoring a “Walk of Honour” on England’s Armed Forces Day, 6/29. According to its website, the EDL’s leaders, cousins “Tommy Robinson” (real name Stephen Lennon) and Kevin “Kev” Carroll will stroll along a 17-mile route through England’s capitol:

“Tommy and Kev will be walking alone through some of the most dangerous neighbourhoods of London [sic] A scary prospect for any man but for the two leaders of the EDL; they are brave men.”

Yes, Tommy and Kev certainly are model citizens, something all true British citizens should aspire to.

After all, Tommy has only been arrested in the past for assaulting a police officer who was attempting to intervene in a domestic dispute between Tommy and his partner, for assaulting an ex-soldier, for mortgage fraud, and for entering the United States on a false passport in order to attend and speak at the Stop Islamization of Nations (SION) Conference 2012 in Manhattan, NYC. SION is an international cohort of ranking demagogues within the so-called “Counter-Jihad” movement. Among its leadership are some of the Europe and the United State’s most infamous anti-Muslim activists-Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer (USA), Anders Gravers Pedersen (Denmark), and Tommy and Kev (UK).

For his part, Kev was arrested back in January 2013 for allegedly inciting “Religious & Racial Hatred,” a charge stemming from a posting on Facebook that English authorities deemed a call for violence against Britian’s Muslim citizens. Carroll was suspected of posting that Muslims are “”all fukin [sic] backward savages, a devil spawned death cult worshiping all that is unholy and barbaric, pure evil.”

Predictably, Geller leapt to Carroll’s defense, as she did when Tommy was arrested for sneaking into the US under a false passport (imagine their collective reaction if a pro-Muslim activist had done so). Geller took to her digital megaphone at her Atlas Shrugs blog, deeming Carroll’s arrest, “UK FASCISM….”

Also predictably, not long after the EDL’s announcement of the duo’s courageous “Walk of Honour,” Tommy took to Twitter to announce that Geller and Spencer would be joining them and Anders Gravers to speak at the walk’s conclusion, which is to be callously staged in Woolwich, London-the site of the recent and brutal killing of Lee Rigby. Geller and Spencer retweeted his announcement to confirm, but Geller also retweeted one Jason Marriner. In response, Tommy seemed to confirm that Marriner may attend the event.

Speaking of “UK Fascism,” one need look no further than Mr. Marriner, one of the most notorious and feared football hooligans to plague England’s name home and abroad throughout the 1990s and into the 2ooos:

  • Marriner is one of the leaders of the hooligan gang known as the Chelsea Headhunters,who follow Chelsea FC of London. In a sub-culture that values brutality and a deep-set willingness to inflict pain on others above most else, the Headhunters truly stood out above most. One of the group’s calling cards was the “Chelsea Smile”: a victim’smouth would be slit from both corners towards his ears. Victims were sometimes stabbed in the stomach, which caused the slit to further rip as the victim screamed out in pain.

    Jason Marriner gives a Nazi salute at Chelsea match away in Denmark. (Screen cap taken from MacIntyre’s documentary)

  • The gang also maintained intricate ties to Britain’s neo-Nazi scene, particularly through Marriner and another of its leaders, Andy “The Nightmare” Frain. Frain was a member of Combat 18 (C18), a neo-Nazi terrorist cell that plotted and attempted to execute a mail bombing across Europe. Notorious for its attacks in England’s streets, C18 also murdered some of its own members and during the mid-1990s acted as security detail for the leaders of the British National Party (Tommy was once a member of the BNP).
  • Frain and Marriner were both arrested after the pair were secretly video-tapped organizing football violence by undercover journalist Donal MacIntyre in 2000. The results of his investigation can be seen in this BBC documentary, which captures their racism, as well. Some nine years later, associates of Frain and Marriner launched a revenge attack on MacIntyre and his wife, beating the pair badly. At the time, MacIntyre claimed his wife was suffering from a brain tumor.
  • In MacIntyre’s documentary, Marriner tells the story of a trip to Auschwitz death-camp. Frain was pictured giving a Nazi salute, and as Marriner tells it, told those who complained, “F*ck off, it’s what I believe in.” (See 28:57).

It is the racist legacy of Marriner and the Headhunters that Tommy sought to capitalize on, drawing from various hooligan gangs across England and Wales while forming the EDL in 2009. The truth of the matter is, much of the leadership of the international anti-Muslim/-Islam movement is completely at peace with violent extremists and their actions-so long as such violence isn’t undertaken against them.

How else does one argue for Pamela Geller’s endorsements of SION, the EDL, and the support of neo-Nazi thugs like Jason Marriner. Of course, when Fox News hosts like Brian Kilmeade and Bill O’Reilly offer air-time and credibility for Tommy, as both have done recently, one can understand why Geller and Spencer feel no fear in airing their collaborations with such thugs.

Beyond being bigots, if Geller and Spencer continue to cavort with such violent extremists, they must be recognized as extremists themselves-the sort which only beget more extremists, either anti-Muslim or anti-Westerner.

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