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Patriot/Minutemen Leader Posts His First Piece on CAPS’s Website

Guest Blogger • Jun 29, 2012

By: Sean Mullin

Last week, Jeff Schwilk, founder of the SoCal Patriot Coalition, published a blog for Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) condemning President Obama’s “mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.” Attacking the president’s “new level of dictatorial actions” on the recent executive order ending the deportation of undocumented Americans under 30, the post is highly critical of what Schwilk sees as Obama superseding Congress by enacting the so-called illegal legislation on behalf of DREAMers.

Schwilk employs predictable nativist fallacies and fear-mongering propaganda, claiming that immigrants are stealing jobs from the “20 million Americans” seeking employment, and that the southern border remains “under daily attack by deadly Mexican drug and smuggling cartels.” Interestingly, though, for his CAPS post, he toned down his incendiary language from an email written earlier in response to the executive order. In that correspondence, he wrote, “the ‘Commander in Chief’ has now fully crawled into bed with law-breakers and Mexican organized crime. The word ‘impeachment’ is already being thrown around. The word ‘prison’ is probably more appropriate. This is an illegal, criminal act by a rogue, desperate dictator, period.”

As the founder of the anti-immigrant group the SoCal Patriot Coalition and the San Diego Minutemen, it should come as no surprise that he used such rhetoric, or that the union between these analogously aimed parties would occur. Schwilk, who is no stranger to inflammatory speech, has a history of racist comments in addition to his anti-immigrant organizing, including calling a Korean-American civil rights activist a “slut” in 2007. He was ordered to pay $135,000 in a defamation lawsuit.

Californians for Population Stabilization, the anti-immigrant hate-group masquerading as an environmentalist organization concerned with ecological degradation, is funded through dubious organizations such as the Pioneer Fund, a foundation that has a history of promoting the genetic superiority of white, European-Americans. The Pioneer Fund uses its financial largesse to fund groups who promote “race-betterment” – a controversial theory that claims there is a biologically-caused IQ difference between white and non-white people. CAPS is also listed as a state contact for the hardline anti-immigrant stalwarts the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Though CAPS has always strongly denied claims of racism and anti-immigration sentiment, allowing individuals such as Schwilk to compose blog entries for their website is yet another example proving that they simply cannot distance themselves from their prejudicial mission statement of targeting the immigrant community in America.

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