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NumbersUSA Video with Brigitte Gabriel Reveals Years-Long Relationship Between Modern-Day Islamophobia & Anti-Immigrant Movements

Imagine 2050 Staff • Aug 20, 2013

For several years, NumbersUSA hosted an eleven part video series called The Promise of Home on its website. The series was produced by Ron Maxwell and featured interviews with many notable members of the anti-immigrant movement including leaders of the three most prominent anti-immigrant groups – the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), and NumbersUSA – as well as white nationalist Roan Garcia-Quintana. One other extremist’s participation in the video series isn’t known to many. “The Promise of Home” also features interview footage with the ardent anti-Muslim activist, and founder of ACT! for America, Brigitte Gabriel. 

In an effort to expand its base, NumberUSA has affiliated itself with many extremist groups and individuals over the years. The anti-immigrant organization’s associations with the white nationalist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) can be traced to several appearances NumbersUSA founder Roy Beck has made at CCC events and the inclusion of CCC board member Roan Garcia-Quintana in The Promise of Home. In addition to having her organization join the anti-immigrant movement earlier this year, Gabriel’s past appearance in the film only further aligns her and her colleagues’ anti-Muslim extremism with the anti-immigrant movement under a larger umbrella of populist nativism.

While links to The Promise of Home no longer work on NumbersUSA’s website, extended interview footage captured for the film can be found at archive.org. Gabriel’s interview, which appears to have been shot in 2007, features many of the conspiracies and anti-Muslim bigotry that members of the organized Islamophobia movement espouse so often. In particular, Gabriel expressed concern over Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) being the first Muslim elected to Congress. Gabriel asserted that Ellison’s victory is indicative of “how the infiltration of Muslims who are foxes in sheep’s clothing who have infiltrated” not only the government but “every aspect of our society.” Later in the interview Gabriel expressed “we need to scrutinize every Muslim running for office.”

By rating the Minnesota rep. with a “F-“ on its website, NumbersUSA shares Gabriel’s dislike of Ellison, albeit without explicitly commenting on his religion. That’s not to say that the organization has not engaged in Gabriel’s brand of anti-Muslim conspiracy before. NumbersUSA has reposted articles echoing Gabriel’s concerns in the past, including a 2001 Insight article titled, “Militant Muslims and the GOP.” A 2001 article written by Californians for Population Stabilization’s Joe Guzzardi where he recalls asking a student “But if Islam is the most important thing to you, why did you move to a Christian country?” also still appears on NumbersUSA’s website.

Despite no longer hosting Ron Maxwell’s video series, NumbersUSA still maintains a relationship with the filmmaker. Just last week, Maxwell spoke at a town hall event co-sponsored by NumbersUSA, Eagle Forum, and Tea Party Patriots. During his speech rife with population alarmism and concerns of changing demographics, Maxwell referred to the immigration reform legislation passed by the Senate in June as a “monstrous, country-killing bill” that “must be thrown into the slime heap of history.” The blatant bigotry expressed by Maxwell and nativist organizations like NumbersUSA and ACT! for America is what actually belongs there.

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