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Imagine 2050 Staff • Nov 29, 2012

Proud white man Hunter Wallace, who John Derbyshire apparently reads daily, sweating behind a tree on Freedom Plaza, where he confronted a small group demonstrating against the shooting at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

Combing websites as we do on a daily basis led us today to John Derbyshire’s newest piece posted on the anti-immigrant, white nationalist website he’s called home,, since being fired by the Conservative magazine National Review. Why was he fired? Well, for his overbearingly racist writing, of course.

That in mind, Derbyshire’s piece from today allows us a peak into his daily web-based reading list. And, shock-it’s full of websites promoting white nationalism, state secession and segregation of races, Islamophobia, etc. But, hey, it’s ok because many of the writers are “intellecutals,” not the knuckle-dragging neo-Nazi’s that gentlemen of Derbyshire’s ilk and educational pedigree would ever lower themselves to stand alongside.

Sadly for Derbyshire, here are at “the Treason Lobby mouthpiece Imagine2050,” as VDARE dubbed us on Monday, we-like all of rational, normal society-regard racism as racism. And with that, let’s join “Derb” on his “sweep of favorite news sites and blogs,” pausing for close examination of some of his glowing recommendations:

  • “Derb” gushes first about Alternative Right. He writes, “Always something new from these guys. The quality of the ideas is variable, but you can’t fault them on originality.” Alternative Right is run by dedicated white nationalist and Montana resident Richard Spencer. Spencer also goes by “Dick,” and serves as the executive director of the National Policy Institute (NPI), which carries a mission statement imparting the promise to “study the consequences of the ongoing influx that non-Western populations pose to our national identity.” Bigoted publisher William Regnery launched NPI. Wayne Lutton and Kevin Lamb of The Social Contact, John Tanton’s journal of anti-immigrant white nationalism, have worked for and with NPI, as well. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), “In an August 2005 speech to the Chicagoland Friends of American Renaissance, Regnery warned that ‘within the first or secondhand memories of people in this room, the white race may go from master of the universe to an anthropological curiosity’.” At the time of Alternative Right’s launch, Peter Brimelow, founder and still head editor of VDARE, was listed as a senior contributing editor to Spencer’s venture, which is listed as a project of NPI. Though, according to SPLC, Brimelow has also “described ‘Alternative Right’ as a project of the VDARE Foundation.”
  • Derbyshire then gives a nod to infamous white nationalist “intellectual” Jared Taylor, and his vehicle of academic racism, American Renaissance. “AmRen, of course,” he exclaims, continuing, “All the race-realist news, every day of the week, augmented with occasional reviews of interesting books not much reviewed elsewhere.” Taylor recently hit the headlines by accepting speaking engagements at Towson University and Texas A&M University. The Towson date was organized by “White Pride” advocate and aspiring white nationalist do-gooder, the young Matthew Heimbach; similarly, the Texas A&M date was set-up by long time neo-Nazi activist and good buddy of David Duke, the kinda-old Preston Wiginton. Taylor has a near 20 year history of working to promote AmRen as a paragon of upper-crust white nationalism, and both he and Brimelow have direct connections to the head of the anti-immigrant group ProEnglish, one Robert “Bob” Vandervoort. Taylor also occasionally writes for VDARE, as well.
  • Derbyshire also pauses to highlight one of the most important websites promoting Islamophobia anywhere in the world, the blog Gates of Vienna. He writes, “Actually a gateway to other sites critical of Islam in particular and multiculturalism in general.” Gates of Vienna was founded by Edward S. May, who as it is widely known sometimes writes under the aliases “Ned May” or “Baron Bodissey.” According to the anti-bigotry organization Hope Not Hate, “The Virginia based blog […] acts as a blog and news service for the Counter-Jihad movement, which campaigns against the Islamisation of Europe. It has become a clearing house of information [….]” Gates of Vienna regularly publishes Peder Nostvold Jensen, who writes under the pseudonym “Fjordman.” Jensen, who is staunchly opposed to race-mixing and social integration, was quoted 118 times in Norwegian mass murder Anders Behring Breivik’s personal manifesto of Islamophobic hate.
  • Members of “The Rhett Guard” outside SPLC’s headquarters: Hunter Wallace (far left), Matthew Heimbach (kneeling, holding up flag)

    One rather surprising inclusion is Occidental Dissent [OD]. Derb writes, “If you think the South will rise again, or wish it to (I wouldn’t mind), Hunter Wallace is your man.” Hunter Wallace, whose real name is Brad Griffin, is also your man if you think video-taping yourself harassing small groups of demonstrators makes you look a proud white knight fearlessly opposing the vast forces of multicultural evil. For some reason, Hunter Wallace and a friend of his, a regular contributor to OD who at least writes under the name “Mike Capatano,” took exception to a group trying to raise awareness around the hate-fueled motivations that led a white supremacist, one James W. von Brunn, to attack the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. In this video, the demonstrators are standing in Freedom Plaza, a site dedicated in part to the legacy of the Civil Rights movement, where one of them can be seen holding a sign in memory of Stephen T. Johns, a guard who von Brunn killed during his attack. “Capatano” apparently fled the scene when the cameras were turned on. Wallace is also your man if, say, you’re a young white nationalist who’s traveled to the 2012 Council of Conservative Citizens national gathering, like Matthew Heimbach did for example, and find yourself in sore need of some teenage mischief (and attention). Heimbach and Wallace boasted proudly about their escapade, “flagging” SPLC’s headquarters (picuted) and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Church, for good measure. Wallace and OD have gotten much love over at VDARE as of late, too.

A full reading of “Derb’s” blog leaves one with the understanding that he certainly does love his “race-realism.” But just to be clear, a white nationalist or white supremacist who calls oneself a “race-realist” conceals about as much about one’s true feelings as an Islamophobe like Robert Spencer does while calling himself a “Counter-Jihadist.”

Anyone can call a snake a “tube-sock,” but that won’t stop the sock from poisoning you.

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