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Islamophobic Leader Uses Offensive, Anti-Jewish Language to Attack ADL

Guest Blogger • Apr 08, 2013

By Dan Weiss

We didn’t need more evidence that outspoken Islamophobe Pamela Geller is filled with hate. But this week we got it nonetheless. Geller viciously attacked the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an organization with a venerable history of defending civil rights. The ADL’s misdeed? It had the gall to call out Geller’s recent slew of bus ads as bigoted. Considering countless other organizations have publicly come to the same conclusion, that tidbit is not exactly earth-shattering. But Geller took special offense to ADL rebuffing her Islamophobia-messages-cloaked-as-pro-Israel. When an organization trusted by Jewish people around the globe exposed the true nature of her activities, it must have put a little dent in Geller’s faux defender of Jews persona.

Ms. Geller may consider herself pro-Israel, but she sure isn’t pro-Jewish. In fact, much of the language she used to attack the ADL is anti-Semitic in nature. Before making a plea for additional donations, she states, “So the problem isn’t just the ADL – but it is the ADL that gives legitimacy to this practice of siding with the annihilationists. Hamas groups like CAIR and ISNA must sit in their lairs and laugh at these craven Jews. Jewicidals doing the work of jihadists.”

She goes on to accuse the ADL of being greedy for donations.

Geller also took aim at Jewish Press reporter Yori Yanover for daring to criticize her: “But no matter how desperately Yanover tries to obfuscate and sanitize jihad mass murder, he merely comes off as the craven quisling he obviously works so hard to be.”

The term “quisling” refers to Vidkun Quisling, a Norwegian politician who collaborated with the Nazis. Quisling, craven, Jewicidal…these are all highly offensive terms that Gellar uses routinely in her writing. This lends more credence to the charge that Geller’s “zionism” is nothing more than a poorly constructed platform for her Islamophobic racism.

Not surprisingly, she rose to prominence on the wave of controversy surrounding the Park 51 Islamic Center. In addition to running the deceptively named American Freedom Defense Initiative, Geller also co-founded Stop Islamization of America with fellow bigot Robert Spencer, and publishes her xenophobic opinions at AtlasShrugs.com.

Perhaps most striking is that while Geller is busy plastering divisive, hateful messages on buses, the ADL is celebrating its centennial with a moving film called Imagine a World Without Hate. Whose side would you rather be on?

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