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Islamophobes & Anti-Immigrant Politician Team Up to Spread Hate

Guest Blogger • Jul 19, 2012

By Sean Mullin

This past Sunday, former Colorado congressman and Team America PAC founder Tom Tancredo reblogged a post from Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs website entitled “Christians, persecuted minorities snub Cairo meeting with Clinton, claim US backs Islamists.” The post, a recycled news article from MSNBC, was originally titled: “Christians snub Cairo meeting with Clinton, claim US backs Islamists,” with Geller using artistic license to inject Christians as being “persecuted minorities.”

Why would Geller choose to change the title of the article? Perhaps it was to further sensationalize the piece, contributing to her narrative of Muslims as brutal oppressors. Or perhaps it was to add stronger emphasis to what she considers the Egyptian Muslim tyranny and Christian victimhood ignored by the “Obama-media” or “enemedia”, as she calls it in her opening commentary.

The fact that Tancredo re-posted the blog from Geller is in line with his nativist, anti-immigrant agenda. Tancredo is no stranger to the far-right, or to promoting Geller on his website. Tancredo has been an active mouthpiece for the anti-immigrant movement in America, founding his Team America political action committee that the Phoneix New Times called “a rabidly nativist organization that just loves bashing Mexicans and supports any politician doing likewise.”

Earlier this month at the Western Conservative Summit in Colorado, Geert Wilders, far-right Dutch politician and well-known European Islamophobe, quoted Tancredo as saying: “‘Look at what has happened to Miami. It has become a Third World country. You would never know you’re in the United States of America. You would certainly say you’re in a Third World country’.”

Also early this month, Tancredo quietly backed out of speaking at the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens conference after the Southern Poverty Law Center brought it to mainstream attention via their website.

As for Geller, her history and current activities of hate-mongering and fervent Islamophobia are well-documented. Most notably, Geller and her colleagues were referenced numerous times in the manifesto of the Norwegian mass murder, Anders Behring Breivik. She and others such as Robert Spencer and Frank Gaffney are professional Islamophobes who claim Muslims are attempting to impose Sharia law on Western Civilization and that Islam is inherently a violent, evil religion whose followers wish to massacre the infidels and spread barbarism globally.

Clearly, the hate espoused by Gellar and her cronies does not reflect Americans’ values. But the support of a politician like Tancredo does provide them unwarranted exposure and false credibility.

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