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“International” Neo-Nazi Activist Coordinating Jared Taylor’s Appearance at Texas A&M

Aaron Patrick Flanagan • Oct 17, 2012

(l-r) David Duke and Preston Wiginton

According to the website of the group Jared Taylor pilots, American Renaissance, the white nationalist fountainhead is scheduled to speak at Texas A&M University on October 23rd. Taylor will speak at the Memorial Student Center in room 2300 D at 7 pm.

The contact listed for the event is a neo-Nazi and anti-immigrant activist named Preston Wiginton.

Taylor is fresh off speaking at Towson University, an event that was hosted by white nationalist & pro-segregation student-activist Matthew Heimbach’s fledgling White Student Union. Heimbach claims the impetus behind his pro-White efforts stem from the culture of anti-White intimidation that exists on a campus where nearly 3-out-of-4 students identify as “Non-hispanic whites.”

The aforementioned concern for the securing of a future for White students on Texas A&M’s campus, it seems, is similarly fueling Taylor’s trip to College Station. The author of the aforementioned post writes:

“Jared Taylor will be speaking out at Texas A&M University against the ongoing efforts to displace white Texans at the university (see page 83 of this report). He will discuss the failures of diversity and the need for whites to organize in their own interests.”

Taylor’s own history of activism and leadership within the white nationalist movement is well-documented. Preston Wiginton’s is less so, though no less disturbing. Pulled from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s profile of Wiginton, here are some bullet points that reveal the man charged with coordinating Taylor’s visit:

  • Wiginton is a friend of perhaps the most infamous racist in the US, David Duke, who at one point he claimed to conversate with bi-weekly. For a period of time he rented an apartment from Duke in Russia’s capital, Moscow, where Wiginton worked hard networking and establishing working relationships with neo-Nazi skinheads and anti-Semitic groups. In Russia he organized tours for American neo-Nazi bands, as well, and once spoke to gathering of over 5,000 “ultra-nationalists” and racist skinheads.
  • Incidentally this isn’t the first event Wiginton has hosted at Texas A&M. In the fall of 2005 he brought the bicycle-riding-anti-immigrant tour de force that is one Frosty Woolridge to campus; apparently, around 100 protestors turned out on the day. An avid writer, Woolridge is obsessed with arguing that he doesn’t hate immigrants. His massive catalog of writing proves otherwise. In a September 1 piece, Woolridge bemoaned President Obama’s DACA plan for young-unauthorized immigrants: “They will be able to tap into food stamps, welfare, assisted housing, medical care and scholarships to higher education.  All the while, their parents are cheating our work laws, working at cash-payment jobs, cashing in on Income Tax Credit benefits [….]” He also once wrote that Africans “create their own human misery,” and that immigration presents the single-most internal threat to America’s sovereignty since slavery. Woolridge presently serves on the board of advisors of the virulently anti-immigrant Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR), and is a long-time friend and colleague of many leaders within the anti-immigrant movement. He has written as much about Roy Beck, head of NumbersUSA; William Gheen, head of the small state-group ALIPAC; Dan Stein, president of FAIR; and John Tanton, the eugenics proponent who founded FAIR and the modern day anti-immigrant movement. In this piece from 2009, the “non-racist” Woolridge argues that “the United States injects volatile mixtures of incompatible cultures, antagonistic races (Jewish and Muslims), illiteracy and multiple languages into its core culture—hoping that it won’t explode.” To prove his point, he follows his previous point with a lengthy quote from Jared Taylor’s work, “The Silent Catastrophe.” In this quote Taylor argues that under-educated blacks and immigrants within America’s multicultural public school system are gradually eroding the common-intellect of our country-which is to say, blacks and immigrants are making the United States dumber.
  • Wiginton ran the now-defunct website NoAztlan.com, through which he warned that Mexicans were seeking to reclaim the US Southwest. To promote his site, he had banners bearing nationalistic messages flown over public events.
  • In the fall of 2007, he booked a multi-campus tour for Nick Griffin, chariman of the England’s fascist, neo-Nazi leaning British National Party (BNP). In the 1990s Griffin often employed the nail-bombing, murderous crew of English neo-Nazi skinheads, Combat 18, as his personal security detail. Griffin, himself a avid Holocaust denier, “later described Wiginton on the BNP website as the ‘host and organizer of the whole tour’.” Texas A&M was a stop on that tour.

Repeatedly since his appearance at Towson University, yet again, Jared Taylor has taken to airwaves and the web to proclaim to all who will listen that he is anything but a white supremacist, as he recently did during a debate recorded for the Huffington Post. Like Woolridge, his writings and speeches tell another story. The company he purposefully and actively keeps does so, as well. And the same goes for Matthew Heimbach and his White Student Union.

Inviting extremists to any college or university is hardly the way to secure-and-make safe any campus.

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