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In the Wake of MSNBC Expose, NumbersUSA Reaffirms Attachments to Natvist Allies

Aaron Patrick Flanagan • Dec 06, 2012


Roy Beck (top) Speaking at the 1997 National Gathering of the Council of conservative Citizens, a group that refers to African Americans as “a retrograde species of humanity.”

NumbersUSA has been all up-in-arms lately, enraged that Rep. Louis Gutierrez took it to task on the House floor just days before the author of an MSNBC profile of the group’s founder and leader, Roy Beck, correctly re-substantiated his and the group’s long history of connections and dealings with eugenicists, white nationalists, and the well-established anti-immigrant movement.

In the wake of these vicious attacks on Beck’s oh-so sincere defense of the American worker-i.e. dehumanizing immigrants and American workers alike into numbers and statistics-NumbersUSA has taken up the one activity that proves it truly cares about the struggles of America’s working class-it has predictably seized upon all the aforementioned as a chance to ask all of its members for more money.

  • As a side note, according to its 2011 990 IRS report, NumbersUSA paid Roy Beck $197,864, and he earned another $71,330 in income that year from work related to his position within the group. Beck was also paid $837,451 in consulting fees between 1994 and 2001 by John Tanton, the eugenics proponent and father of the contemporary anti-immigrant movement.

Certainly, Beck feels the pain of the average middle class or working class family. And since its done gesturing at dipping its hands into your pockets, NumbersUSA is now firmly back to reminding everyone why MSNBC’s writer, Jane Timm, was apt to draw another line under the group’s controversial ties to social and political extremists.

This morning NumbersUSA published a blog titled, “IRC Founder Endorses Rep. Steve King for Chairman.” IRC is the House Immigration Reform Caucus (HIRC), which is backed by the anti-immigrant group Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). NumbersUSA is a sister group of FAIR, and also works closely with many of the House Representatives that claim membership in IRC, or HIRC.

Iowa’s Rep. Steve King, whose own background is as controversial as FAIR’s and NumbersUSA’s, presently sits on the Executive Committee of HIRC. And so, instead of having the gumption to outright join in Tancredo’s endorsement, NumbersUSA simply defers to quoting Tancredo, as if featuring his opinion boldly on their site wasn’t a vote of confidence disguised as simple “reporting.”

It’s worth pointing out that former Rep. Brian Bilbray of California, the out-going chair of HIRC, represented a purposeful move to replace Tom Tancredo as the caucus’s leader. When he assumed the position of chair back in 2007, Bilbray represented a softer-spoken, more media savvy appointment to replace Tancredo as one of the anti-immigrant movement’s mouthpieces in the House, as Tancredo was and still is about as blunt an instrument as one could ever find for such a job.

Tancredo’s glowing recommendation of Rep. Steve King, who is pretty much as blunt, therefore speaks volumes about who NumbersUSA dearly desires to carry it, FAIR, and the established anti-movement’s messaging forward within elite political spheres of policy-making.

Here are just a few highlights of Tancredo’s and King’s plainly outspoken nativism and extremism:

  • Via his work with the established anti-immigrant movement, Rep. Steve King has come to maintain unabashedly his collaborative connections to self-avowed white nationalists from the groups ProEnglish and VDARE.com, respectively calling the former’s leaders to testify before the arm of the House Judiciary Committee he himself oversees and speaking with the latter’s leaders on a panel sponsored by ProEnglish at CPAC 2012.
  • Tom Tancredo was quietly scheduled as the keynote speaker at the 2012 National Gathering of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC), a group that overlaps the neo-Confederate, white nationalist, and white supremacist movements and openly refers to Blacks and African-Americans as “a retrograde species of humanity.” Tancredo limply withdrew from the conference once his appearance was made public. CofCC also maintains ties to the leaders of VDARE.com and its foundation.
  • Rep. Steve King once argued on the House floor that our southern border should be lined by an electric fence, reassuring all that “we do this with livestock all the time.”
  • Rep. King has also compared the process of legislating immigration policy within Congress to selective dog-breeding. When challenged on the comment, Rep. King expressed bemusement that his critics didn’t understand that he was paying immigrants a compliment.
  • Showing his contempt for what has long stood as a staunch GOP base, Tancredo once labeled Miami a “third world country,” due to the historically prevalent presence of immigrants in that city.
  • Since leaving office, Tancredo has renounced the GOP and become a vocal leader of and candidate for the Constitution Party. His move further out into extremist fringes has seen him become a regular columnist for the website World Net Daily (WND), a conspiracy laden website that serves as a regular pit-stop to leaders of the Islamphobia movement in the US, white separatists, and extremist elements within political circles of  Christianity and paleo-Conservatism. WND, staunchly birther, has claimed that President Obama “hid [his] ‘gay life’ to become president.” From that website, Tancredo called for the POTUS to be impeached for “treason.”

In a cultural moment when many Republicans are calling for their leaders to abandon the hardcore, Tea Party, nativist fringes of their party, NumbersUSA has shown its hand to all. After claiming to all-and-sundry that it and Beck were so unfairly attacked by vicious media lap-dogs, leftist thugs, and politicos, it publishes the favorable words of a former House bully about a present House bully.

On its website, NumbersUSA maintains a link to a statement it titles, “No to Immigrant Bashing”-in part in response to Roy Beck having been exposed for speaking at CofCC’s 1997 National Gathering (pictured above). This morning, though, just below and to the left of that link, it endorses the words and work of politicians who still task themselves with the shared mission of making the lives of immigrants throughout our great country simply miserable.

Politicians who say “Yes to Immigrant Bashing.”

Beck will, of course, look all of us in the eye and claim that nowhere in its blog does NumbersUSA endorse Tancredo and/or Rep. King; however, no one within its 1.3 million members or outside of its membership is gullible enough to believe otherwise.



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