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Anti-immigrant Movement’s Wicked Witch Tells Supporters to “Lock and Load”

Jill Garvey • Apr 16, 2010

Amid tea parties and a re-emergence of white militia activity, notorious anti-immigrant leader Barbara Coe is preparing her supporters for a fight. In an email she sent out that was eventually posted on an anti-immigrant listserv, Coe wrote:

Fellow American Patriots…

“Hate/Destroy America Commie/Muslim OBAMA” has loosed his KILLERS on law-abiding American patriot Sheriff JOE ARPAIO.

It is the responsibility of EVERY LAW-ABIDING AMERICAN PATRIOT who gives a damn about YOUR LIFE or the lives of YOUR loved ones, to STAND IN DEFENSE of JOE ARPAIO – HERE AND NOW! HE is OUR law enforcement Representative NATIONWIDE!

I have made my verbal and monetary commitment to SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO. I hope and pray other true American patriots will do the same

SHERIFF JOE can be our spokesperson. TOGETHER, WE can illustrate our “PEOPLE POWER” – TOGETHER, WE can DEFEAT Obama’s “kill Americans” TRAITOR supporters. [CCIR has provided you the list.]

LOCK & LOAD, my fellow patriot Americans. The “time of reckoning” may be sooner than we think. As stated many times, “American Patriots will die on our feet before we bend on our knees to anti-American Traitors”.

Despite Coe’s lengthy track record of inflammatory statements, the violent pitch of her current anti-immigrant rants is alarming. If its violent overtones weren’t so scary, Coe’s email would be laughable. Try for a moment to imagine who Coe is preparing to battle. Roving gangs of “socialists”? Secret communists who are taking over America? Obama and his little dog too?

Barb Coe can certainly be described as the anti-immigrant movement’s wicked witch of the west, but her Dorothys include everyone who isn’t a nativist vigilante with violent tendencies.

Coe founded the controversial California Coalition for Immigration Reform in 1994 and has used that as her hateful platform ever since. More troubling, she identified herself as a member of the white supremacist organization Council for Conservative Citizens.

She’s not the only anti-immigrant leader to associate with the group. Wayne Lutton, John Tanton’s editor at The Social Contract, was also involved with Council of Conservative Citizens, and Roy Beck, President of NumbersUSA, presented at one of its annual conferences. By the way, the Council of Conservative Citizens is the reconstituted, segregationist White Citizens’ Councils.

These are a few of Coe’s past outbursts:

“We are suffering robbery, rape and murder of law-abiding citizens at the hands of illegal barbarians,”

And last year she wrote,

“Barak [sic] Obama and his anti-American “czars” are taking a page from Hitler’s Nazi Germany playbook – only worse, much worse. Be afraid, be very afraid!”

Coe has long been deemed “crazy”, but that hasn’t stopped others from picking up on her derogatory characterizations of immigrants. Yesterday on CNN, State Rep. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, Sheriff Arpaio ally and overseer of the most dangerous anti-immigrant legislation in the country said,

“I will not ignore the damage, the deaths, the maimings. You know, I mean, it’s outrageous, 50 percent of homicide — data, fact — in Phoenix committed by illegal aliens”

CNN anchor Tony Harris, who was moderating the conversation, unfortunately didn’t feel the need to challenge Pearce’s claims and merely offered to “fact-check” his “data” at a later time. CNN desperately needs to address the comments made on its programming. Russell Pearce is a man who has dedicated himself to the legalization of racial profiling, and he has repeatedly used demonizing lies to meet his goal.

Furthermore, Barbara Coe and Sheriff Joe Arpaio have a friendly history, which makes sense in light of their shared interest in immigrant-bashing. Just last February they posed together at a fundraiser.

Barbara Coe and company are perfect examples of Americans who haven’t learned, or rather refuse, to fight their battles democratically. Instead they use derogatory language, conspiracy theories, and racially-charged rallying cries to stir up mob-like reactions.

The very opposite of patriotism.

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