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Imagine 2050 Releases Latest ‘Islamophobia’ Magazine

April Callen • May 28, 2013

Imagine 2050 released its latest magazine today – Islamophobia, the New Nativism – an issue devoted to the continuation of uncovering the confluence of the Islamophobia movement with the anti-immigrant movement in the United States.

Where last year’s issue, “This Rhetoric is not Cost-Free:” Islamophobia & Nativism in the US, addressed what was becoming an increasingly close relationship among key anti-immigrant activists, far-right legislators, and proponents of Islamophobia, this issue reveals that those relationships have developed into a fully organized and effective, in some cases, effort to legitimize and politicize racism and xenophobia against Muslim, Arab and South Asian Americans, or those perceived as such, in the mainstream.

The magazine includes in-depth commentary on some of the biggest stories over the past year that were either the direct result of Islamophobia, like the Sikh temple shootings in Wisconsin last August, or induced it, such as motions following the recent Boston bombings in April.

Despite calls for acceptance, reason, and calm during moments of crisis, opportunistic peddlers of Islamophobia use unfortunate incidents like the bombings in Boston and most recently, the attack in London, to push their brand of hate.

This magazine issue, and the research and analysis published daily at Imagine 2050, reveals the bigoted nature of the Islamophobia and anti-immigrant movements – a bigotry their agents often mask as a concern for the United States.

The magazine is accompanied by a reference guide that examines some of the major players in the Islamophobia movement such as Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, David Yerushalmi, Brigitte Gabriel, and the organizations they run—ACT! for America, Jihad Watch, Stop! Islamization of America, and Society for Americans for National Existence. It also examines Islamophobic rhetoric that has been a staple within the John Tanton Network for many years.

The focus of Imagine 2050 continues to be America’s changing demographics, including discussions on how to shape a truly democratic America. Before the year 2050, one out of five Americans will be foreign born. Latino and Asian communities will increase significantly. There will be no clear racial or ethnic majority. Today’s perceptions of foreignness will challenge how Americans identify themselves over the coming years.

 In light of these challenges,  Imagine 2050 believes the continued promotion of candid conversations around Islamophobia and immigration will become increasingly necessary if America’s democracy is to flourish – an equitable and inclusive democracy where people can live safely and freely across religious, racial, and ethnic identities.



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