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ICYMI: Geert Wilders returns to U.S. with his latest anti-Muslim campaign

Imagine 2050 Staff • Oct 28, 2014
Geert Wilders Press Conference

Dutch politician Geert Wilders embarked on a U.S. tour last week to garner support for a new transnational organization promoting an anti-Muslim agenda. Wilders is calling his new group the International Freedom Alliance (IFA), and describes it as a “network of resistance fighters in all the countries threatened by Islam” whose goal is “to spread the truth about Islam, to preserve our freedom, and stop the islamisation (sic) of our societies.”

“Our generation has been entrusted with a huge task: To defend freedom and defeat Islam,” Wilders reportedly said. “I say it without exaggeration: The future of human civilization depends on us.”

Wilders heads the far-Right Party for Freedom (PVV) and is known for his controversial views of Islam and staunch opposition to Muslim immigration. Wilders has been documenting his U.S. trip on his website and social media. He revealed his tour took him from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., with at least one stop to Tennessee.

While touring the U.S., Wilders made several appearances on far-Right North American media outlets. One of which was being interviewed on the The Glasov Gang, a product of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Wilders arrived in D.C. on Oct. 22 and did an interview with the Right-leaning Sun News. During the show, Wilders used the recent tragedy in Ottawa to advocate that Canada adopt PVV’s draconian approach to immigration by refusing “immigrants from Islamic countries” During his D.C. visit, Wilders was also able to fit in lunch with U.S. Congresswoman and fellow Islam basher Michele Bachmann. Wilders was also interviewed by the conservative publication The American Spectator during his stay in America.

In his travels across the U.S., Wilders made a stop in Tennessee on Oct.21 to give a speech at an undisclosed location in Nashville. In a transcript of his speech, Wilders said he “insisted” on stopping in the Volunteer State. This is due to support he has received in the past from local activists willing to back his anti-Muslim cause.

“Our generation has been entrusted with a huge task: To defend freedom and defeat Islam,” he reportedly told the crowd. “I say it without exaggeration: The future of human civilization depends on us.”

However, it appears the event happened under the radar with virtually no promotion. This is a departure from the last trip Wilders made to Tennessee in 2011 where gave a speech at a megachurch with a regular attendance of about 3,900 weekly. While Wilders may still find a sympathetic crowd in Tennessee, it’s evident he has become so controversial and marginalized over the years that his presence is not made known to the general public.

Wilders says he hopes to expand his new organization from Europe to countries such as the United States and Australia.

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