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Frank Gaffney

    Frank Gaffney. Photo source: C-SPAN.

    Informal national security advisor to Trump’s transition team and well-known anti-Muslim propagandist and conspiracy theorist

    Frank Gaffney Jr., founder of the neoconservative, anti-Muslim think tank Center for Security Policy, is a well-known Islamophobic propagandist and conspiracy theorist. Gaffney previously served as assistant secretary of defense for the Reagan Administration, and now regularly claims agents of the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the U.S. government and other institutions in order to subvert them from within, a tactic Gaffney calls “stealth” or “civilian jihad.” Gaffney has also argued that Shariah law is one the greatest threats facing the nation, and has gone as far as to advocate declaring war on the Islamic doctrine.

    The Wall Street Journal and New York Times reported that Gaffney advised Trump’s transition team. Gaffney and a Trump spokesperson have denied that he is officially advising the transition team, but some contact between the two is evident. In an interview with Bloomberg View, Gaffney told the publication “he is hopeful that his ideas and policies will influence the Trump administration.”

    • Gaffney regularly brings anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, and other right-wing figures together through events organized by the Center for Security Policy. These include various so-called national security events along with Gaffney’s program, “Secure Freedom Radio.”
    • He is Member of the far-right strategy coalition Groundswell. Other members include Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon and Mark Krikorian of the anti-immigrant Center for Immigration Studies.
    • Gaffney has described Steve Bannon as a “good friend.” Gaffney was also a regular guest on the former Breitbart executive’s radio show where he would share his conspiratorial rantings, including once claiming the Democrats are “aligned with our enemies, and not with America.”
    • Gaffney hosted white nationalist Jared Taylor on his radio program, calling Taylor’s group American Renaissance “wonderful.”
    • According to Bloomberg View, Trump met with Gaffney’s staff while on the campaign trail in Iowa for an hour-long briefing on Shariah. Gaffney later noted that Trump “has put around him people who are members of that team” who conducted the briefing.
    • In May 2015, Trump spoke at a so-called national security summit in Iowa sponsored by Gaffney’s group.

    Updated: 12/21/16

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