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Five reasons why everyone should continue criticizing ACT!’s Brigitte Gabriel

Imagine 2050 Staff • Jul 22, 2014

Anti-Muslim figurehead tired of being criticized for always criticizing Muslims.

On July 16, anti-Muslim demagogue Brigitte Gabriel appeared on a conservative radio show to make her case against being labeled “Islamophobic.” Gabriel was responding to broad criticism that she has received following various appearances during which she has espoused anti-Muslim sentiments.

Gabriel, the president of the anti-Muslim group ACT! for America, was a guest on TruNews radio to discuss how she became the subject of scrutiny after a string of appearances on various news networks including CNN and Fox News. Much criticism, though, has stemmed from her anti-Muslim diatribe during a Benghazi panel hosted by the Heritage Foundation, which was caught on tape and subsequently went viral.

TruNews host Rick Wiles began the show by declaring, “The establishment news media has started attacking Brigitte Gabriel for her comments….”

Wiles was referring to publications such as The Washington Post and The Daily Beast which both featured scathing pieces on Gabriel who during that Heritage panel verbally berated Saba Ahmed, a Muslim woman who had posed a question about all-too-common characterizations of Muslims.

Gabriel explained the criticism to Wiles by saying her detractors were simply intimidated by how “effective” she was in communicating her points. She was right—she was effectively communicating her anti-Muslim beliefs, which spiraled across the political Twitter-sphere that day.

Clearly, though, this point falls deaf on Gabriel, as on the day she unabashedly insulted Ahmed’s identity by demanding to know if she was American (Gabriel is herself an immigrant) as well as charging that the peaceful majority of Muslims are irrelevant because “15-25 percent” are “dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization.”

How she arrived at those numbers is anyone’s guess.

Wiles also took issue with Fox News contributor Tamara Holder, who labeled Gabriel “the most dangerous person in society” during an episode of “Hannity” on June 20.

While Holder’s comments are hyperbolic (it is Fox News, after all), her motivations for saying so are not rootless.

Gabriel and ACT! for America’s mission is to portray Muslims as an omnipresent, monolithic threat plotting to overthrow and to replace the U.S. government with a radical Islamic regime. Further, she and her organization continue to push anti-Muslim legislation such as American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) and to assert time-and-again that Muslims are using secondary school textbooks to proselytize for Islam.

Of course, any attempt by Gabriel to argue against her own contributing to anti-Muslim fervor is moot when one simply examines her long track record of statements and work. In case one needs more, though, listed below are five reasons why Gabriel should continually be criticized for her extremism:

  • Perpetuating the fallacy that all Muslims are Arabs, she has gone on record numerous times calling the Arab world barbarous, arguing for example that “The difference between Israel and the Arab world is the difference between democracy and barbarism.”
  • Gabriel appeared in a video series produced by the anti-immigrant group NumbersUSA in which she expressed, “we need to scrutinize every Muslim running for office,” and warned that Keith Ellison (D-MN) — the first Muslim elected to U.S. Congress — is evidence of how Muslims have infiltrated “every aspect of our society.”
  • To further her idea that Muslims are trying to take over the education system, Gabriel warned they intend to “brainwash the children in our country,” and referred to American universities as “occupied territories.”
  • She has previously claimed a practicing Muslim who believes in the teaching of the Qur’an “cannot be a loyal citizen to the United States of America.”
  • Gabriel once stated Palestinians have “no compassion towards children.”

While some may not categorize Gabriel as the most dangerous person in society, her role in funneling anti-Muslim rhetoric into mainstream and right-wing media should not be dismissed and surely not at her own behest.


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