World Population Day

Despite Inaccurate Data, Dan Stein Continues to Appeal to Population Alarmists

We’re talking about a population increase under the senate bill of over 70 million people in 20 years. -Dan Stein, July 7, 2013 Thursday was the  25th anniversary of World Population Day. Nationally and internationally, population policy has long been a … Continued

Population Alarmists Use World Population Day to Spread Fear

World Population Day has come and gone. But not without a flood of activity from population alarmists. One of the worst offenders is Dave Gardner of Growthbusters infamy, who established a website in honor of World Population Day. We have already … Continued

World “Anti-Immigrant” Day: the Skewing of World Population Day

Hopefully on World Population Day (WPD) many environmentalists were paying special attention to groups that are trying to hijack population discussions, steering them straight for anti-immigrant stances. Even though WPD was just last Monday, July 11, the anti-immigrant movement has … Continued