Worker Rights


Food Safety Compromised by Poor Regulation and Working Conditions

Metal fragments in your Frosted Mini Wheats?  Salmonella in your organic peanut butter?  That’s just par for the course in modern day food production.  In the past two weeks alone, the FDA has recalled 44 foods for not meeting safety … Continued

Food Justice

Monsanto Puts Planet and People at Risk

Are workers as resistant as beets to Monsanto’s Roundup? Of course not! Any of your parents talk about the classic Sci-Fi movies of the 50s and 60s?  Those movies were filled with precautionary warnings of invasion, mutation, and diabolical circumstances … Continued


Food Companies Put Profit First, People Last

The working class is being oppressed by employers that only want to grow wealth regardless of the sacrifices or conditions for their workers. The primary and only goal for this type of employer is to make more money.  Few of … Continued