Fighting Voter Suppression in Wisconsin

In the 2008 election, Black women had the highest voter turnout rate, and one-in-four votes was cast by non-whites. It was the most racially and ethnically diverse election in U.S. history. For those who fear the changing face of America … Continued


The Evolution of White Nationalist Music

Fifteen years ago, white power music ( aka hate rock) moved from the margins to the cultural mainstream of North America’s growing white nationalist movement. 1994 was the year that George Burdi (who has since renounced his neo-Nazi beliefs) incorporated … Continued


Will Hardline Immigration Activists Finally Disavow Ties to White Nationalist Publication?

Is the deadly shooting at a Sikh temple indicative of a deeper problem in America? One that goes beyond white power music? “We realized on starting FAIR in 1979 that [the] immigration reform battle would be won in the end … Continued

Never Random: Ignoring the Warning Signs of Organized Bigotry

Wade Page was not a random killer. He had a network, a plan, and a support base. Starting with a tattoo on his arm, we see the signs of neo-Nazi indoctrination: a Celtic cross emblazoned with a ‘14,’ referring to … Continued

Tragic Sikh Temple Shooting Comes Amid Increase in Organized Hate

Today’s shooting at a Sikh temple outside Milwaukee is a tragic sign that the violent rhetoric of a growing anti-Muslim movement has deadly consequences. Reports indicate that six individuals were murdered inside the temple and the shooter was killed by … Continued