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Islamophobes & Nativists Use 9/11 to Push Bigoted Agenda

As the nation solemnly remembered the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11, prominent nativists used the twelfth anniversary of those horrific events as a platform to further their bigoted agenda and provoke hatred towards minority communities. Pamela Geller and Robert … Continued

William Gheen of ALI-PAC: POTUS is a “Radical Muslim Supporting A**HOLE”

**Warning: language deemed offensive by some is displayed in this blog’s graphic. William Gheen, President of ALI-PAC, is posting some interesting insights over on his Pintrest page. A number of weeks ago, Gheen “originally pinned,” as the site’s terminology goes, … Continued

NC FIRE’s 88 Pages of Nonsense

by Domenic Powell North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (NC FIRE) released yet another bigoted “Illegal Alien Crime Report” last week, keeping the flame of anti-immigrant sentiment lit among its flimsy base. “These crimes are not compiled in any … Continued