White Pride

Youth for Western Civilization Dismantled at Towson University

According to reports on Tuesday, the Youth for Western Civilization (YWC) chapter at Towson University, Maryland, lost its status as an officially recognized student group. While YWC is an already contentious organization known for its flagrant white nationalist tendencies, its … Continued

Recent Incidents of Hate Speech Highlight Need to Protect Campus Communities

Free speech is essential to democracy, but many college campuses are faced with a debate on whether they will continue to support free speech over fighting for inclusive, safe environments for all. Several incidents of hate speech over recent months … Continued


Fighting Fascism is a Global Effort

Since early last year the United States has seen rapid growth in many sectors of the radical right. There has been unprecedented expansion of anti-government militia groups, increased anti-immigrant rhetoric in the tea party movement, and deeply troubling proof of … Continued

“We are human beings looking for a means to survive”

Despite a feigned concern about the distinction between “illegal” and “legal” immigrants, anti-immigrant forces in this country have helped stir up a general contempt for immigrants which goes beyond the status of documentation. The rhetoric of FAIR and other nativist … Continued


Obama Victory A Massive Setback for White Nationalists

After Obama’s landslide victory on November 4th we saw scenes of joy throughout the country and all over the world. People everywhere were speaking about their renewed hope. We also saw the reactions of those who voted for McCain, many … Continued

White power hip-hop? Seriously?!

Recently, Turn It Down - a national campaign against white power music - was asked to contribute an article to a magazine overseas regarding the existence and potential of white power hip-hop here in the United States. Several European nations … Continued