Water Scarcity


Biking Beyond Bigotry: Taking New Roads

For the first time in May, 2011, I was able to combine my passions for biking, the open road, and politics.  The desert landscape was as motivating aesthetically as it was a reminder of what we were up against.   Each … Continued


Got Water? Immigrants Blamed for Water Shortages in the Southwest

By Martha Pskowski The anti-immigrant movement, under groups like The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), blame immigrants and population levels in the American Southwest for lack of water and potential water shortages.  We know droughts are becoming more frequent and … Continued


Cross-Post: Stand against the “Greening of Hate” for the Movement we Believe In

Martha Pskowski is a student from Hampshire College. Wednesday, September 22, I attended a meeting at Hampshire College of Western Massachusetts environmental organizers hosted by the Center for New Community of Chicago.  Rebecca Poswolsky of CNC presented to the group … Continued