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Eliana Benador & Richard Spencer: Islamophobia’s Own Pinky & the Brain

By Jerry Higgins Huma Abedin is in her mid thirties, and according to newspaper reports she is expecting the couple’s first child. She is an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and she is a practicing Muslim. And, yeah, … Continued


Negative Population Growth Plants Anti-immigrant Advertisement in Washington Times

July brought another advertisement in the Washington Times by anti-immigrant group Negative Population Growth (NPG).  NPG attacks immigrants in order to tap into the urgency of the environmental movement around the BP oil spill. This is just one more attempt … Continued


Fringe Groups Distort Debate Over Health Care

Recently, anti-immigrant groups with controversial histories have been crying fire over connections between the issues of health care and immigration in America, all in an attempt to utilize mainstream media sources as vehicles for their panic-laden volumes of shock doctrine. … Continued