Wall Street Journal

Cross-Post: Wall Street Journal Denies Existence of Islamophobia

Originally published on Huffington Post. By Nathan Lean, Editor-in-Chief, Aslan Media; Author. Unless you’ve been asleep for the past 10 years (or write book reviews for the Wall Street Journal), you may have noticed that anti-Muslim sentiment in the past … Continued


FAIR’s Stein Unmasks: 14th Amendment Should Not Be Allowed to “enslave our thinking”

If you consider yourself committed to civil, immigrant, and human rights and have ignored the white nationalist agenda of the organized, anti-immigrant movement, Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) president Dan Stein’s recent assertion on the 14th Amendment to the … Continued


White Nationalists Write for Mainstream Financial Publications

Ok, I’ll admit it; I have a subscription to Financial Times. I read the newspaper six times a week because it tells me what’s going on in the world without getting into too much detail and dragging it out. It … Continued


Roy Beck, Dairyman

The ever-media-starved Roy Beck of NumbersUSA and The John Tanton Network hoisted on his pristine, virtual coveralls recently and pontificated on the growing number of immigrants whose collective hard labor puts milk on our tables every day. Roy — who … Continued