Violence Against Women

Standing Her Ground: the Campaign to Free Marissa Alexander

The law states that I was justified in standing my ground and meeting force with force up to including deadly force, but political views and concerns states otherwise in the 4th circuit court. So my last questions and valid concerns … Continued


Super Bowl Commercials Throw Women to the Wolves

There is an old folk tale about a noble lord and his coach driver who threw the lord’s new bride to the wolves chasing them in order to survive. The lord and driver reasoned that the bride was less valuable. … Continued

Blog Highlight: Tabatha on Rape, Racism, and Recent Protests

Originally posted May 17, 2009 on Opposing Bigotry On May 15th, a racist, anti-immigrant group going under the name Oregonian’s For Immigration Reform (OFIR) hosted a demonstration outside a Wendy’s restaurant in Milwaukee, Oregon. In response to media reports of … Continued


I Am More Than My Body

Women’s experiences of war are almost exclusively examined through the prism of rape and sexual torture. With the mass scale and the organized nature of rape during the Bosnian war, these stories were important to tell. In many ways, they … Continued


Geert Wilders Prevented from Spreading Anti-Islamic Hate

When I sat down to read the news yesterday the first story that caught my attention was the subject of my first ever blog post on this site, Geert Wilders. Today Wilders is in the news because he was refused … Continued