Us Mexico Border

Cross-post: Armed Neo-Nazis Now Patrolling Sanford

Gratefully borrowed from the Miami New Times Blogs. By Michael Miller Fri., Apr. 6 2012 at 7:00 AM Members of the National Socialist Movement during a patrol on the US-Mexico border in January Neo-Nazis are currently conducting heavily armed … Continued


A stroll in the Arizona desert

The state of Arizona, located in the Southwest region of the United States, shares a 389 mile border with Mexico. After the passing of the Secure Fence Act of 2006, a 640 mile fence has been built along the US/Mexico … Continued


Anti-immigrant Laws Are Anti-human

Over 60 deaths in U.S. border deserts in July 2010. The number almost rivals that of US troop deaths in Afghanistan for the same month, 66, the deadliest month of a nine-year long war. The number of deaths along the … Continued


‘We deserve to be able to live, to love, to walk freely’

The following article is one of a series of accounts from students who recently returned  from Arizona. They were part of a delegation that spent a week touring the state amid  the enactment of controversial law SB 1070. The Center … Continued


Harsh Anti-Immigrant Climate Destroys Native Communities

We’ve all heard about SB1070 and the hardships it has brought on the Latino population in Arizona. Little is known however about the effects of this bill on other communities of color, especially the indigenous tribes of Arizona. They are … Continued