University Of Wisconsin Milwaukee


Students Walk Out on FAIR

Dan Stein is accustomed to criticism, especially after Rachel Maddow nailed him on her show earlier this year for his ties to white nationalism.  But he may not have expected students to walk out on him during his public debate on SB1070 at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

Stein as the president of anti-immigrant group FAIR, took credit for drafting Senate Bill 1070 in Arizona.  FAIR is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and received funds from the controversial Pioneer Fund, a foundation that supports racial eugenics.  Stein was instrumental in raising these funds.  In a 1993 article in the Progressive, he noted, “I don’t give a… Read more

American Identity

On the Continuing Significance of Race: People’s Exhibit #373

by Andrew Grant-Thomas

About six months ago I came across a study that found that people who are incarcerated, unemployed or poor are more likely to be seen as “black,” and to self-identify as “black,” regardless of past racial classification.

Correspondingly, they were less likely to be identified, and to self-identify, as “white.”

Stop. Wrap your mind around that for a moment.

The message here is not that black Americans are more likely to be poor, unemployed or incarcerated than other Americans, a statement that is undeniably true. The message is that poverty, unemployment and incarceration make you black. That’s the “social construction of race” with a vengeance.