Trayvon Martin

Movements for Racial Justice Enter New Phase in Florida, Chicago, and California

Yesterday, a 31 day sit-in at the Florida state capitol ended, and the student-led campaign announced its next steps. Starting four days after George Zimmerman’s acquittal, the Dream Defenders occupied the Tallahassee government building to demand a special legislative session … Continued


Support the #Walk4Dignity from Jacksonville to Sanford

The Southern Movement Alliance Freedom Summer is in full swing! The Walk for Dignity (#walk4dignity) departed Jacksonville on Monday and is due to arrive in Sanford, Florida today. Once they arrive, 40 walkers from nine Southern states will hold community … Continued

In Light of Zimmerman Ruling, Racial Profiling Poses Even Greater Threat to Black & Brown Bodies

In the days since a Florida jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, there has been an outpouring of reactions across the Internet and in the streets. Race, as it did in the commentary surrounding the trial, has played … Continued

Racist Violence, the Threat Next Door

There is a prevalence amongst individuals who see themselves as superior to prey on those that they perceive as weak. Those that act out extremist beliefs all too often inflict inconceivable violence. This is the meaning of terrorism, and it … Continued

Cross-post: ‘The Talk’ With My White Daughter: Don’t Be Like John Derbyshire

Originally posted on Colorlines on Tuesday, April 10, 2012.  In the wake of the killing of Trayvon Martin, several commentators wrote artful letters to their black sons, warning of the reality of racial profiling and discrimination that still haunt us … Continued

Camouflaged vigilantes allegedly kill two in Arizona

Armed vigilantes hunting for immigrants allegedly shot and killed two people yesterday near Eloy, Arizona. According to News 4 in Tucson, the victims were ambushed by a group in camouflage and armed with rifles. Eloy is about an hour’s drive … Continued

Friday Media Recall (03.30.2011)

Nearly every Friday we want to offer a collection of media pieces that we’re finding provocative, vital, persuasive, prophetic, genius, infuriating, mind-blogging, and other adjectives that gesture at all things thought-provoking. Some of these posts will, of course, focus on … Continued

Inconsistencies Plague Concealed Weapons Laws, Cloud Trayvon Martin Investigation

Millions of Americans go about their daily lives carrying a gun–legally poised to “defend themselves” in one form or another. Not surprising in the land of plenty. For years, state lawmakers have been bombarded by the lobbying arm the National … Continued


Cross-Post: Trayvon Martin and America’s Racist Underbelly

Originally posted by Alternet on March 23rd. The second world war had a civilizing influence on Buford Posey, a white man raised in the Deep South during the Depression. “When I was coming up in Mississippi I never knew it was … Continued