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As Summer Wanes, Nativist Coalitions Still Proving Weak

The anti-immigrant think tank Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has seemingly endorsed the mission statement of the fervently anti-Muslim English Defense League (EDL). James Rhodes made his first contribution to CIS’ website with an August 27 blog post titled, “Home … Continued

“Progressives” For Immigration Reform’s Head Heavily Involved with Myriad Conservative Groups

Since the spring, the anti-immigrant movement has actively worked to influence national immigration policy as the reform debate has moved from the Senate to the House. Curiously, one organization within the established anti-immigrant movement has been noticeably absent from that … Continued

CROSS-POST: Immigration Reformers Are Winning August

By Molly Ball for The Atlantic | Originally posted on August 21, 2013 Activists opposed to immigration reform were all set to spend this month putting pressure on lawmakers to kill the legislation. But it hasn’t exactly been a show … Continued

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Tea Party Patriots Announce a Series of Town Hall Meetings on S.744

Tea Party Patriots announced they will be hosting a town hall meeting on immigration in Harrisburg, PA on August 19. The meeting will focus on the current Senate immigration bill, and to prepare attendees for what to expect if anything … Continued


Far From Perfect Union: The Tea Party and the Anti-Immigrant Movement

By Faye Ellis The Tanton Network has tried to solicit the support of “progressive” groups for anti-immigrant causes. Whether it is through “the greening of hate” or the promotion of a black-brown divide, the Network is trying to insert bigotry … Continued