Whole Foods CEO Takes Cue from White Nationalists

August 24, 2009 by Jessica Acee · 2 Comments
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There is a disturbing trend spreading in the business community to side with white nationalists when it comes to health care, even using the same arguments. Last weekend I was in Austin, Texas, where among the kitschy neon signs, sits the largest whole foods in the nation. It’s a store whose official values include promoting health and investing in the environment and local communities.

Yet Whole Foods CEO John Mackey recently spoke out against Obama’s plan to reform healthcare in a much talked about Wall Street Journal Op-ed. It’s ugly, and if you haven’t read it yet, check out the link here. Mackey even had the nerve to say that we need to make it easier for rich people to voluntarily donate money towards the health needs of the less fortunate. While Mackey famously reduced his salary a few years ago from 3.36 million to one dollar, his real salary comes from millions in bonuses and stock gains. I’d like to know how much he donates to his local hospital. Read more