Biking Beyond Bigotry Portland to Eugene, Part I

By Jesse Sanes The recent Oregon Biking Beyond Bigotry tour was an incredible experience.  Conversations began in Portland, Oregon, and continued along 130 miles to Eugene. In Eugene we attended panels and presentations and networked with other environmentalists at The … Continued

Tanton’s ProEnglish & The Company They Keep

Last week, we posted a blog outlining the internal problems at ProEnglish, an organization that lobbies for measures that would make English the official language of the United States. Despite some successes, ProEnglish has recently faded a bit. In 2010, … Continued


Immigration Acrostic

Asinine interjections of anti-immigrant hate create Bathos to any expectation of intelligent thought Coming from people who, in their own insecurities, Denigrate those who cross oceans and cross burning deserts—having been Excluded from all that mutual wealth Free trade agreements … Continued