States Rights


Kobach-led Secure States Initiative pushes voter suppression in the name of states’ rights

Of his home state, Secretary of State Kris Kobach once said, “Ideally, Kansas can become a place where conservative ideas of government are tried and exported to other states.” Through the years, Kobach has made good on his dim ideal, which, like … Continued

Unmasked: Rick Perry, Racism, and the Anti-Immigrant States’ Rights Movement

With a single quick-lips shot to his right foot, Rick Perry wounded his presidential ambitions, confounded his conservative base, and – most significantly – unmasked once again the racism of the anti-immigrant, states’ rights movement. Defending his support of in-state … Continued


Tea Party Harbors Dangerous States’ Rights Agenda

The so-called “tea party movement” is actually made up of a number of factions, including Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, and the Tea Party Nation, that have latched onto the concept as a way of attracting attention and pushing … Continued