State Of Georgia

With Civil and Human Rights Under Attack, Resistance Mounting

In spite of its checkered past, and current anti-immigrant legislation, the state of Georgia is a hotbed of acts of resistance to the anti-immigrant movement as organizing efforts and grassroots leadership training continues to gain ground.  Recently, some organizations came … Continued

Cross-Post: Troy Davis’ execution exposes the justice system’s ugly face

“…in America, some lives are simply more treasured than others. How else can you explain research that shows murderers convicted of killing whites are three-times more likely to be sentenced to death than in cases where the victim is black, … Continued

GOOD NEWS FRIDAY: Mayor Paul Bridges Stands Against the Anti-Immigrant Movement

Uvalda, GA, is a town of only 530 people, mostly white, that’s tucked away in southeastern Georgia.  The small town relies almost completely on farming, boasting a tight-knit, faith-based sense of community, which is nothing unusual. However, a good deal … Continued