Somali Refugees

Muslims, in the Crucible of Race, Religious Bigotry, and New Possibilities

Minnesota has the largest number of Somali refugees in the U.S., with thousands living in Michele Bachmann’s Sixth Congressional District. African and Muslim, the Somali community is here thrust into the crucible of race and religious bigotry, mirroring daily the … Continued


Refugee Struggles in Minnesota’s Meat-Packing Plants

Over the last two decades the trend of Somali refugees moving from their war torn homeland to America, so often finding work in small meat packing plants, has had a profound impact in small towns across the Midwest and the … Continued


The hardships faced by refugees in rural meat-packing communities intensifies daily

The impact the economic crisis has had on the refugee community in central Minnesota is significant. The major layoffs at the end of 2008 resulted in a number of refugees that are still out of work. After their employment benefits … Continued


Somali Community Concerned About Recent Vandalism

The red spray paint on the front window of Somali-owned Hormud Market had not a so subtle message: “GO HOME.” The bigot who painted the graffiti could have chosen any other grocery store in town, but painting those sentiments in … Continued

Food Justice

Somali Refugee Struggles and Triumphs

Most of the Somali refugees in central Minnesota were resettled in early 2001, and they have being living and working in communities there for the last decade. Generally, the refugees have had tumultuous experiences while transitioning, although each community dealt … Continued


Immigrant and Refugee Workers Share Health Concerns

by Axel Fuentes En español y ingles A momentous event occurred this past weekend. Sixteen Latino immigrants and Somali refugees, all workers coming from different communities around the nation, got together to discuss common issues that are affecting and limiting … Continued

Who Will Protect You?

Ignored by most of the world, an ongoing refugee crisis in Kenya is at a breaking point. The plight of Somali refugees, who are seeking a safe place in Kenya against persecution and violence, is becoming increasingly grim. Human Rights … Continued