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Occupy Wall Street Movement Must Unequivocally Reject Antisemitism

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement has a unique opportunity to stamp out antisemitism every chance it gets. A fantastic op-ed was recently published calling out the OWS opponents who are focused, not on countering antisemitism, but on using incidents … Continued

Cross-Post: Clicktivism is Ruining Leftist Activism

Published on Thursday, August 12, 2010 by the Guardian/UK Reducing activism to online petitions, this breed of marketeering technocrats damage every political movement they touch. by Micah White A battle is raging for the soul of activism. It is a … Continued


2020 Vision

Hard to believe that as millions gathered worldwide ten years ago to usher in the new millennium the biggest worry was whether the computers would work after midnight. This year millions worldwide simply wonder if they will ever work again; … Continued

The Reality of White Nationalism

As an anti-racist activist, researching white supremacists, white nationalists, anti-Semites, neo-Nazis and anti-immigrant groups hasn’t always been easy, particularly when I’m trying to figure out the similarities and differences (and yes, there are MANY important differences) between each of these … Continued

Security, Sovereignty, & Justice

Earlier this year, prices of food staples shot up 40 percent, marking the fastest rate of increase since 1990. The current recession is beginning to bear its weight on the spending choices of middle-class Americans, from big ticket items to … Continued