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Anti-immigrant group cloaks itself in progressive issues to spread xenophobia

A relatively unassuming group in Arlington, Virginia, has strategically shed far right characteristics in order to better incite xenophobia. Perhaps the most effective mobilizing weapon in John Tanton’s arsenal of organizations - all engineered to dehumanize immigrants - NumbersUSA’s success … Continued


NumbersUSA cannot distance itself from John Tanton

Anti-immigrant organization NumbersUSA has repeatedly tried to distance itself from white nationalist John Tanton. The organization’s leader Roy Beck has twice gone so far as to downplay his relationship to Tanton while testifying to Congress. Even though Beck and Tanton … Continued

White power hip-hop? Seriously?!

Recently, Turn It Down - a national campaign against white power music - was asked to contribute an article to a magazine overseas regarding the existence and potential of white power hip-hop here in the United States. Several European nations … Continued