San Antonio


Time to Reinvest in Building Strong Communities

A couple weeks back, I was listening to NPR’s affiliate station in San Antonio, TPR - KSTX 89.1FM. It was early evening and I’m assuming the show airing may have been rebroadcast. The info, though, was very very timely. The … Continued

Pinata Protest: Suckcess, San Antonio Style

As a second year media justice advocate, my qualm with commercial radio stirs within me a certain bias when it comes to identifying their underlying scheme in hosting public events. It’s easy to question whose interests are being served when … Continued

Media Mavens in the Making

Embarking on a journey too grand to be considered a simple tour, my friends in Karma, along with fellow local musician Kim Cotton of the band Verity, and community organizer/ artist Stef Cmielewski of SACraftMafia make a triumphant trek northward … Continued