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Sen. Ted Cruz to Attend the Islamophobic David Horowitz Freedom Center’s “Restoration Weekend”

The David Horowitz Freedom Center announced Wednesday that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) will be appearing at their Restoration Weekend in Palm Beach, Florida scheduled to take place on November 14 - 17. The Freedom Center recently referred to Cruz as … Continued

OccupyGezi: How not to play into the hands of the Anti-Muslim Right

Confronted by constant coverage of massive street protests in Istanbul, sympathizers of what has been described as a largely secular anti-government youth movement should be wary of playing into the hands of right-wing American activists that hope to use the … Continued


Former FBI Agent Sets Islamophobic Sights on CIA Nominee

By Kalia Abiade A former FBI agent known to propagate his fear that radical Muslims are infiltrating the highest levels of government may have outdone himself when he claimed that John Brennan, President Obama’s pick to head the CIA, is … Continued