Imagine2050 Releases Special Islamophobia Issue

Imagine2050’s latest magazine was released today with an entire issue devoted to the growing problem of Islamopobia in the United States. The issue is available for download here. The magazine, “This Rhetoric is not Cost-Free”: Islamophobia & Nativism in the … Continued

Pamela Geller: The Fine Art of Failing to Cover Your You-Know-What

by Jerry Higgins Just after Anders Breivik went on a killing spree on July 22, Pamela Geller was quick to jump to the conclusion, long before any details were known, that this was a Muslim terrorist attack. Breivik, as it … Continued


Cross-post: Violent Rhetoric At The 2nd Amendment Rally

Media Matters put together this video portraying some of the violent rhetoric uttered by speakers and members of the crowd at the DC Second Amendment rally on April 19. Speakers at the DC Second Amendment rally on April 19, 2010 … Continued

Suffolk County Murder of Latino Man Deemed a Hate Crime

A man named Marcello was walking with a friend on Saturday night in Patchogue, Long Island. As they walked a car pulled up and seven young men got out and surrounded them. The teenagers, all 16 and 17 years old, … Continued

Did You Believe Obama’s Speech?

Last week, Barack Obama officially became the Democratic presidential nominee. But his path hasn’t been easy; especially the last month. His die hard fans began to question his character and his politics. They began to wonder the substance behind his … Continued