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Time to Reinvest in Building Strong Communities

A couple weeks back, I was listening to NPR’s affiliate station in San Antonio, TPR - KSTX 89.1FM. It was early evening and I’m assuming the show airing may have been rebroadcast. The info, though, was very very timely. The … Continued

Batman: Hoping for a Dark Knight

You will undoubtedly read and/or hear about the latest Batman film, The Dark Knight, in some form or another sometime in the next few weeks. Critics will rave about it, fans will recommend it, and kids will demand that parents … Continued


American by default

By Majorie Nemes One of the things I struggled with while studying abroad was taking on the label of an “American.” I was born a US citizen, and have lived on the U.S. mainland for most of my life, but … Continued