Racism Alive and Well in Spanish Football

December 31, 2008 by Stephen Piggott · Comment
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In February 2009 the English national football team is slated to play Spain in a high-profile exhibition match. The match was originally to be played in Madrid at the Bernabeu Stadium home of Real Madrid. However, the last time England and Spain locked horns at the Bernabau stadium in 2005; the black players on England’s team were subjected to racist abuse by sections of the crowd. Because of this incident the governing body for football in England, the FA, is recommending that the game not be held there again.

At that game England’s players warmed up wearing anti-racist t-shirts but that did not stop the racist jeers. Every time a black English player touched the ball, sections of the crowd would boo loudly and some fans directed monkey chants towards them. Read more