Che Attends a Tea Party

April 21, 2010 by Rev. David L. Ostendorf · Comment
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Beautiful spring day in downtown Houston. Seventy degrees. Sunny. The Tea Partiers have gathered to vent. The usual signs—Obama is a Marxist, socialist, commie, fill-in-the blank with your favorite epithet. Huge “Don’t Tread on Me” flags outnumber American flags. “Secede Texas” t-shirts abound. Middle-aged and older white crowd. Earnest. Against taxes and the federal takeover of everything.

Young Latino brother wearing a bright red t-shirt walks in, registers, saunters over to the fence.

“Hey, who’s that on your shirt? What are you doing here with a picture of Che on your shirt?”

“Che had to take a different route for his people. I’m an American! We’ve got to stand up for America!” Read more

So Much for “Post-racial” America…

August 5, 2009 by Rev. David L. Ostendorf · Comment
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Last November’s post-election euphoria led numerous pundits of all political stripes to acclaim the dawn of a new, “post-racial” America—a nation that had finally beat back its sordid racial history by electing an African American to the White House. The acclamation was ludicrous then; it is utterly unimaginable now. The vicious dogs of racism are being unabashedly unleashed in countless ways that make the Cambridge Gatesgate look like the normal, everyday profiling it was and is for men of color in America.

The inane “birthers” lead the pack here, fronting the organized racist movement’s yen for obliterating the 14th Amendment to the Constitution (birthright citizenship) in its frenzy for the President’s Hawaiian birth certificate. The obnoxious “tea bag” protesters, fueled by the hate-filled Swift boaters, follow closely behind, swiftly destroying any iota of “non-partisan” credibility they may have claimed as they disrupt and destroy town hall meetings on health care reform during the Congressional recess. The anti-immigrant movement is part and parcel of the pack as well, cloaked in faux shirt-and-tie respectability as it attempts to mainstream its racist, eugenics roots and its dreams of a white nationalist future—an America of, by, and for white people. Read more