Racism In America


The Race Exhibit

Race is a myth, but we persist in believing. That’s one lesson from Race: Are We So Different?, a national touring exhibit sponsored by the American Anthropological Association.   There is no biological difference between races.  “All skin colors, whether light … Continued


Senate hosts tea party: Black Farmers, Native Americans, Shirley Sherrod Not Invited

Even  as Shirley Sherrod captured the attention of the nation last week, Senate Republicans torpedoed appropriations due tens of thousands of Black farmers and Native Americans after years of litigation aimed at rectifying  federal discrimination and mismanagement.  Stripping the appropriations … Continued


Video: Frontiers of Racism

Anti-immigration forces were, and are, on the front lines of racism in America. Today’s most powerful web of anti-immigrant groups, the John Tanton Network, uses the issue of immigration to drive a wedge between communities of color by perpetuating the … Continued


On Lincoln and the Enduring Struggle for Racial Justice

By the time Abraham Lincoln arrived in my home town of Alton, Illinois to wrap up the grueling 1858 Senate debates with Stephen Douglas his position on slavery had become clearer. Alton was a town in the middle of the … Continued