Racial Tensions

Tulsa Murders Targeting Black Community Point to Racial Vendetta

Two men were arrested and charged early Sunday in a shooting rampage that left three dead and two injured in Tulsa. All the victims are African-American and widespread media speculation is that the attacks were racially motivated. Racist violence is … Continued


Bigots on the Radio

“They say you better listen to the voice of reason But they don’t give you any choice ’cause they think that it’s treason So you had better do as you are told You better listen to the radio . . … Continued


ALIPAC Leader Featured on Anti-Semitic Broadcast

William Gheen, leader of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), took time out of his busy schedule last week to do an interview with American Free Press, a blatantly anti-Semitic organization founded by infamous holocaust denier and white supremacist Willis … Continued


The Anti-Immigrant Bigotry Smackdown - Round I

In light of the anti-immigrant movement’s pro-SB1070 rally this Saturday, June 5 in Phoenix, and all the nativist superstars who are coming out to represent, we got to thinking - who’s the biggest bigot of them all? It’s hard to … Continued


Racist Violence in Italy Could Happen in U.S.

Last week in Southern Italy’s working-class city of Rosarno, African immigrants clashed with local residents in what has been described as the worst racial violence since World War II, when Italy allied itself with the Nazis. The riots erupted after … Continued


A Stunning Denial of Justice in Shenandoah

While the world was glued to flu coverage last week, justice crumbled in tiny Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. The tragedy began almost a year ago when Luis E. Ramirez was beaten to death by a group of white male teenagers. Reports of … Continued

Mayor in New Jersey Quits After Receiving Racist Threats

Charles Tyson, mayor of South Harrison, NJ resigned earlier this month citing racism and death threats against him and his family. South Harrison is a small town of 2700 people in south New Jersey that elects mayors to a one … Continued

Is there a Woman in the House?

Like many progressive women across the nation I faced a tough decision leading up to the democratic primaries. I began to question my friends about who they would choose and why. One friend told me she voted for Hillary in … Continued