De La Rocha Speaks to Thousands in Phoenix

March 3, 2009 by Guest Blogger · 1 Comment
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By Dan Weiss

On Saturday February 28th, I joined thousands in Phoenix, Arizona to march against America’s most hated Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The four mile long march was the latest step in bringing national attention to Arpaio’s blatant civil and human rights violations.

Men and women of all ages attended the event with shirts, signs, and banners expressing their outrage. Small children showed their pride, holding signs reading “We are Human” and wearing “un-sentenced” t-shirts. Police watched and listened as chant after chant blared, and fist after fist pumped. Read more

Forgotten Matter

June 27, 2008 by Guest Blogger · Comment
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Mornings I still wake and find I must Talk myself
Back into existence.
That tuft of hair risen
Above me
A reminder of restless sleep.

There were times in my youth
That I could not wait
for morning
and lie awake
For the promises of dawn.

These days I lie awake
Anticipating tomorrow
Agonizing today
Left with that hope
That pride
That Sense,
That Nothing,
So frequent

Imagination is hopeless
My father would say
He believes that
His life
Is the one that counted
All male
And hardened
But death and read more