Population Stabilization

Biking Beyond Bigotry Portland to Eugene, Part I

By Jesse Sanes The recent Oregon Biking Beyond Bigotry tour was an incredible experience.  Conversations began in Portland, Oregon, and continued along 130 miles to Eugene. In Eugene we attended panels and presentations and networked with other environmentalists at The … Continued

The Colcom Foundation: Bankrolling the Greening of Hate

The Colcom Foundation not only funds prominent John Tanton Network groups such as the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), NumbersUSA, Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), U.S., Inc, and Progressives for Immigration Reform (PFIR), as it also funds environmental organizations … Continued


Biking Beyond Bigotry: Taking New Roads

For the first time in May, 2011, I was able to combine my passions for biking, the open road, and politics.  The desert landscape was as motivating aesthetically as it was a reminder of what we were up against.   Each … Continued


Biking Beyond Bigotry Launches in Arizona

The Center for New Community, a national civil rights organization based in Chicago, is sponsoring a bicycle speaking tour on wheels, called Biking Beyond Bigotry. Over the course of the next week ten environmentalists from across the nation will pedal … Continued


Negative Population Growth Plants Anti-immigrant Advertisement in E Magazine

Next month, another advertisement will run in E Magazine by anti-immigrant group Negative Population Growth (NPG).  This one is unique in its toned down message, but the tactic is not new.  It is a part of an attempt to reach … Continued


Ingraham & FAIR Make Strange Bedfellows

The Federation for American Immigration Reform is featuring conservative radio host Laura Ingraham in its new campaign to support the recently enforced anti-immigrant law SB 1070 in Arizona. On a website called borderbands.com, dedicated to the sale of wristbands to … Continued


A Real Turn-Off: Population, Borders, and Hidden Agendas

Population growth is a tricky topic in many a political sphere. Perhaps no more so than for progressives concerned about climate change. I myself have wrestled with how to reconcile a commitment to racial justice and civil rights and a … Continued


Negative Population Growth Plants Anti-immigrant Advertisement in Washington Times

July brought another advertisement in the Washington Times by anti-immigrant group Negative Population Growth (NPG).  NPG attacks immigrants in order to tap into the urgency of the environmental movement around the BP oil spill. This is just one more attempt … Continued


Despite Sullied Reputations, Anti-Immigrant Bigots Push Immigration & Oil Spill Argument

Imagine 2050 has received yet another communication from anti-immigrant leaders asking that we provide a platform for their politically extreme viewpoints. This one came from Philip Cafaro, a professor who works with anti-immigrant groups like Center for Immigration Studies and … Continued