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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach Launches, Chairs Prairie Fire PAC

Kris Kobach has referred to his work making immigrants’ lives miserable as something he does in his “spare time.” What “spare time” exactly does Kobach plan on using to run his new political action committee, Prairie Fire PAC? In case … Continued


Prancing with the Stars: Steve King to Host Pearce and Beck in Iowa

In just a few weeks Arizona’s stalwart bigot, state senator Russell Pearce and NumbersUSA’s Roy Beck will journey to springtime Iowa to lend their support for Steve King’s ever-rising anti-immigrant credentials. King, Iowa’s Fifth District Congressman, is hosting his “Conservative … Continued


US Immigration Reform PAC and Realignment of the Tanton Network

US Immigration Reform PAC is the main political action committee of the John Tanton Network, made up of organizations leading the movement to dehumanize immigrants. The Network was named for its most influential leader, white nationalist John Tanton. As the … Continued


Beleaguered Minutemen Civil Defense Corps Endorsed Winners

Unlike many of the organizations that make it their business to promote hostility against immigrants, the Minutemen Movement has had a challenging few years. Notably, the John Tanton Network managed to edge its controversial agenda further into conventional media streams, … Continued

Ann Coulter: Not Just Crazy…a Crazy Racist

Mark Potok over at Southern Poverty Law Center wrote a great article ripping apart Ann Coulter. Here is an excerpt: In her latest foaming-mouth tome — Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America, released on Jan. 6 — Coulter … Continued


White Nationalists Prepare to Oppose Obama Administration

Since the weeks leading up to the most significant election to take place in the United States, federal law enforcement agencies, the media, and human rights organizations have paid close attention to threats, some of which are stemming from individuals … Continued