Police Brutality

New Report, Book Reveal Depths of NYPD Spying on Muslims

  In the midst of intense scrutiny of the New York Police Department’s racial and religious profiling policies, a group of Muslim youths say they were beaten by NYPD officers late last month in a Bronx park. Two sisters, ages … Continued

Obama Administration Supports Monitor if ‘Stop & Frisk’ Struck Down

A few days ago the Obama Administration came out in support of a court appointed monitor in the event that stop and frisk is struck down. New York’s Stop and Frisk trial is nearly over and the city only awaits the … Continued

Sanctioned Brutality: Oscar Grant and Arizona

The following article is one of a series of accounts from students who recently returned  from Arizona. They were part of a delegation that spent a week touring the state amid  the enactment of controversial law SB 1070. The Center … Continued


White Supremacists Rally After Racist Beating

The Rev. Al Sharpton paid a visit to Indianapolis on Sunday to shed light on the case of Brandon Johnson – a 15-year-old biracial teenager who was brutally beaten and subjected to racial slurs on May 16 by four white … Continued


Indifference & Racism: Fertile Ground for Violence

While I was on vacation a terrible tragedy occurred in Chicago. A teenage boy, Derrion Albert, was beaten to death, caught in the middle of a brutal street fight. It happened just before Chicago was anticipating a win as the … Continued

March Against 1968 Riot Cops Reunion

On June 26th, 2009, over a hundred people gathered in protest at the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) in Chicago. Beyond the police barricade, the FOP held their 1968 Riot Cop Reunion. Outside, people stood with signs, “Fight Racism, Stop … Continued

Interviews with Rebel Diaz on Police Brutality

In summer of 2008, Hip Hop artists G1, Rodstarz and Lah Tere of Rebel Diaz were on the streets of New York.  They witnessed a street vendor being harassed by the police. Seeing that the street vendor did not reply, … Continued


Attempts to Normalize Arpaio Only Embarrass Arizona

A March 1, 2009 column by Arizona Repbulic’s E.J. Montini proclaims that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is no ‘Bull’ Connor. Actually, Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arapio is more like the Southern segregationist Bull Conner than Arizona is ready to admit. Montini … Continued

2016: Chicago’s Olympic Dream, Do They Deserve It?

In June of 2008, the International Olympic Committee (ICO) announced that Chicago was one of its 4 finalists to host the 2016 games. The US has not hosted an Olympics since 1996 in Atlanta and many are hoping for a … Continued


Chicago’s Hometown Heroes

I was born and raised in the Chicago-area. I grew up going to Cubs games with my dad, and playing catch in the backyard. I spent most of my childhood in a suburb where one enjoyed the best of the … Continued