Peter King

#FAIL: Steven A. Camarota and the False Prophecies of a CIS Islamophobe

by Jerry Higgins This week sees two anniversaries. The first was on September 11th when, ten years after the horrific attacks, those who died were remembered and mourned. Unfortunately, some chose to abuse the memory of those killed by pushing … Continued

diaBLOGue: Rep. Peter King: “White Guy” Terrorists? What “White Guy” Terrorists?

In this adroit piece of satire from The Daily Take concerning domestic terrorist David Burgert, Thom Hartman basically predicts the case of (bigoted) mistaken identity that plagued the imaginations of some journalists, and spread like scurvy on a pirate ship … Continued


The GOP Candidates and the Stoking of Islamophobia

by Jerry Higgins Here are musings of Glenn Beck on his show just last Tuesday: “Would I be more uncomfortable with a Muslim? Yes.” He and his co-host, of course, were discussing the GOP Presidential debate which took place on … Continued


Anti-Muslim Bigotry: The Deadly Fires of Hate

It may be 780 miles from the halls of Congress to Gainesville, Florida, but the distance between anti-Muslim bigots in both locales is but an arm’s length. Put Muslim-bashing Congressman Peter King and the heretical, Qur’an-burning Terry Jones in a … Continued