Think Your Summer was Hot? Try Working in the Agricultural Fields of the US.

Much of this country’s food production depends on foreign laborers who come to this country temporarily. The US contracts with other governments to bring workers here to do the “unwanted, unpleasant jobs” that Americans do want to do. These migrants … Continued


Low Wage Workers Fired for Injuries on the Job

Day after day, I converse with workers and hear about issues that affect their health and safety, which include injuries and accidents in the workplace.  There have been several workers, especially immigrants, who have told me their personal stories. Today … Continued


Food Companies Put Profit First, People Last

The working class is being oppressed by employers that only want to grow wealth regardless of the sacrifices or conditions for their workers. The primary and only goal for this type of employer is to make more money.  Few of … Continued


Immigration Reform Benefits American Economy

Why would immigration reform make sense from an economic and labor point of view?  Many are saying that immigrants come here and are taking away jobs from lots of “Americans”.  That’s not entirely true for a couple of reasons. First, … Continued


A Little Knowledge Yields A Lot Of Power

I never expected something so small that it could fit in a back pocket to make such a big difference.  For many in this country, information is readily available via the Internet.  But this is not the always case in … Continued