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Packinghouse Bathroom Breaks: Leaving Human Dignity at the Plant Gate

It happened again several weeks ago.  He asked permission to go to the bathroom.  His supervisor told him to wait till a replacement was found for his position on the line. The supervisor didn’t come back. He could wait no … Continued


Cross-post: America’s Food Sweatshops and the Workers of Color Who Feed Us

Gratefully shared from and originally published by Colorlines. by Yvonne Yen Liu, Thursday, February 17 2011. Juan Baten came to this country from Guatemala seven years ago in search of a better life. A bus in Cabral, Guatemala, hit his … Continued


Give Thanks to the People who Process Turkeys

The original article was published in The Progressive on Nov. 22, 2009. We should know where our turkeys come from, and who processes them for us. The turkeys piled into supermarket freezers carry their own stories. Raised primarily in massive … Continued