ALIPAC Scrubs Website of Racially Inflammatory Post, Citing Site Damage

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC president William Gheen paints an apocalyptic view of America after the downfall of the “white European descendent male Christian demographic” in a post that was removed yesterday afternoon. Gheen cited website damage for the loss … Continued

Colorado ASSET moves forward: the opposition grumbles as immigrant youth speak out

Persistence paid off last month, as undocumented students moved one step closer to equal access to higher education. On Thursday, January 24, the Colorado Senate Education Committee approved a bill called Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow (ASSET), a proposed law … Continued

William Gheen of ALI-PAC: POTUS is a “Radical Muslim Supporting A**HOLE”

**Warning: language deemed offensive by some is displayed in this blog’s graphic. William Gheen, President of ALI-PAC, is posting some interesting insights over on his Pintrest page. A number of weeks ago, Gheen “originally pinned,” as the site’s terminology goes, … Continued


Kansas Sec’y of State Works to Spread Voter Suppression Measures

In the final weeks of October, most Secretaries of State were busy preparing to administer the election in their respective states. Ensuring a fair and well-functioning voting process for their constituents is ostensibly the most important priority for most Secretaries, … Continued

Center for Immigration Studies: Obama’s Policies Could Spark a Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn in US

Formed in 1985 the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has long proved a vital organization within the constellation of groups that together comprise the contemporary anti-immigrant movement. Though residing behind the facade of an objective, unbiased group that simply researches … Continued


Obama camp criticizes Romney for ties to Sheriff Joe, Kris Kobach, and Trump

After Romney made a campaign trail quip about Birther conspiracy theories, and one of his advisors, Kris Kobach, filed suit against DHS head Janet Napolitano over Obama’s Deferred Action policy, the President slammed the GOP nominee for his coziness with … Continued

How will Obama Administration’s Announcement Impact Dreamers?

The Obama Administration announced today a major move to grant deferred action to DREAM-eligible youth. The announcement arrives as a result of growing criticism from undocumented youth and immigrant rights activists over what is largely perceived as a failure by … Continued


Mass Killing Demonstrates Need to Address War’s Toll on Troops

On Sunday a US soldier murdered 16 Afghani civilians, mostly women and children, after leaving his base early in the morning.  The BBC reported that, “The White House voiced ‘deep concern’ and Nato-led forces in Afghanistan promised a rapid inquiry.” … Continued

Civil Rights Lawsuit’s Outcome Holds ICE Accountable. Finally.

Across the nation people are frustrated by the lack of comprehensive immigration reform that President Obama promised during his 2008 campaign. In 2011 community organizations and members of Congress requested that the president use executive power to defer removals, revaluate … Continued